Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Story So Far

When we last met up with me (at least on this blog), my whale documentary, Bimbo, was making the festival rounds. It was fun to not have to be funny and talk with marine biologists.  That was March. Life since then has served up a series of setbacks, failures, delays, and the occasional "huh."

Towards the end of March, I premiered a 18 song cycle entitled "The Pets" featuring 5 different animals singing depressing songs about their lives. It was my first attempt at performing "serious" material. Maybe it was successful. Hard to say as I was told after the show that most people couldn't hear me. It was not the greatest sound system. So glad I poured my heart out into those lyrics he said with heavy sarcasm. 

In April, I did a fundraiser for my film, "Fantastic." 4 local bands played and I talked in between. I played my bit like a bad stand-up comedian. I should have been more Jerry Lewis telethon. Not only did I not make much money, but was heckled for ripping off a Steve Martin joke. However, I am pleased with promo video I made for the event: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10203714818773821&l=6308646589937371766

Around this time, I learned that after 11 years of living in the same place in San Francisco, I would be evicted by greedy landlords. I tried to fight it for a while but needless to say, I'm writing this from my new temporary housing in Oakland. I will need to find a new place by the end of August somewhere. I do welcome the change in a way and I'm getting used to the warmer weather, artist friendlier streets of Alameda County. My neighborhood in East Oakland reminds me of Sesame Street circa 1978 with it's mixture of Whites, Hispanics, African-Americans, Asians, Birds, Gay People, & Monsters. My cat has not adjusted to the move and is currently going through the five stages of grief. He just recently moved from denial to anger and is driving me up the wall.

I'm currently editing and seeking more funding for my big budget short film parody of "Fantasia" entitled "Fantastic." It's been a slower process than I want but I hope to have all I need and ready to finish shooting in August. If you want to contribute and get nifty rewards, check out www.fearofdisney.com. For $800, you can record your own DVD commentary!
I've also taken up a series of part-time jobs. I'm a tea bartender at a lounge in the Mission. It's a hip cool space and feel slightly verified that I must be also be hip & cool to work there. I also run the Stage Werx Theater late Saturday nights for the improv troupe, "Out of Line." Meaning I sell tickets, candy, watch them perform, and take out the trash. It's a living. I also briefly worked at a pet store but was let go after the owners realized they ran a pet store and couldn't afford a fourth employee. The side jobs help me to exist while all VG Productions freelance money also goes to "Fantastic."  

I remain optimistic because why not? I will continue serving up tea and art and bad jokes and animal songs. It is my destiny (which I will have to discuss with God when he has a moment). As for now, the cat's trying to hump me again. Gotta run.

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