Sunday, January 26, 2014


A text message vibrated on my desk around 11:30p last night waking me from my sleep. Not expecting anyone, I wondered who it could be. My first thought was that it was a roommate locked out of the house. Second - a random anecdote or picture from a (drunk) friend. Third – an apology from the dickhead director I worked with earlier in the day. Fourth – the tearful loneliness of an ex girlfriend or the optimistic hello of a new one. It was none of these things. It was spam. But for those few moments laying in bed, I felt like a child on Christmas morning wondering what Santa had brought me. Finding out it was junk mail was like when you received a present you already had. You smiled, privately acknowledged your disappointment, and moved on.

I couldn’t fall back asleep. Thoughts kept racing around in my head. Everything from “Boy, that director really was a jerk.” to “Why do I have an urge to light my blankets on fire?” to “My cat makes funny meows.” to “I love my parents and it makes me sad that they won’t always be around.” This last point became too much and I had to quickly distract myself to the least serious thought – the one about setting my blankets on fire. Obviously this would do considerable damage to the bed but I thought how warm it would feel and how that would be nice, assuming that I and the surrounding items would be immune to burning. In bed, I noticed my left nostril was snotty and has been since before Christmas off & on. My left ear, my left nostril, and left shoulder all have problems. I believe when one gets fixed, the others will as well through the power of vertebral subluxation. I wondered if Covered California would accept my proof of income (or lack thereof). I just wanted to go back to sleep.  

A large colony of homicidal river otters was the basis of the movie in my dream. Since waking up, it is unclear what my role was in the film. I want to say I merely was editing it for someone else but there was a scene where I filmed myself, wearing a hardhat and climbing up a power pole. I was hanging by my head in the power lines when 3 cars consisting of my extended family members (alive & dead) drove up and stared. I felt embarrassed. When I awoke, I went into a deep depression and found myself unable to get out of bed when the reality set in that I pegged this day, “Laundry Day.” Lately, I’ve been sleeping on the mattress directly. I think I find it more comfortable but maybe I just needed a change.