Saturday, November 23, 2013

An Example In Unprofessional Behavior As An Actress

I should be out filming right now. Today was scheduled to be the first day of the "Hooker Historian" segment of my "Fantastic" movie but unfortunately, I received the following text at 1:30a this morning from the lead actress: "Hey I dont think I can make it tomorrow. Have been trying to sleep all night, but have a really Nasty cough, so don't think I'll fall asleep in time to make it to shoot tomorrow. So sorry about inconvenience."

Maybe she got a better gig? Maybe she realized the role isn't right for her? I would respect these excuses but I'm sleepy and have a cough?? There's not even dialogue in this movie!!! Her flakiness has ended today's shoot and has cost me hundreds in the process. I had to rent locations, equipment, costumes, rental cars, and even a horse and it's all for naught because of this "actress" and her cough. Fellow actors, is this acceptable? She even was getting paid decently for this role. At least, I hadn't given her anything ahead of time. Anyway, she's out for good.

I blame myself partially for sticking with her as it was a struggle to get a confirmation of her availability. She went back & forth on days she was free. However, she did just enough to make me think it was going to work out. I had even just talked to her a few days before confirming everything was on. She sounded ok then? The film will go on and it shall be grand, but as for now I need to rest & decompress as I feel extremely depleted. I suspect on Monday I'll start the casting search again.