Monday, July 22, 2013

A Flash of Roger

Since December, I've been recording a full length 16 song album, an ode to 70s concept records, entitled "Roger (Or Journey to Mars from the Styx of Kansas in an REO Speedwagon Starship)". I'm pleased to announce the album is done and just waiting to get the final cover art before releasing it into the wide wide world. This should happen in the next two weeks. Until then, enjoy this first single, "Why Does Life Entail (Me Feeling So Down Low)?"

This song on the album comes out of our hero, Roger, who gets fed up with his life on Earth. By putting this video out, I realized it appears I'm the one expressing Roger's teenage (he's 42) angst which led to people asking if I'm ok and to "never give up." Outside of some teeth problems, I'm fine.

I didn't intend for this to be the lead song but I came up with this one-man video & thought the tune would work well with it. Last Thursday, I went out to Ocean Beach, armed only with a speaker, an audio player, and my IPhone to make this. I did three takes. This video is the 2nd. The 3rd one was solid up until the end where I literally was exhausted and found myself falling out of sync. Running is not something I do alot of (unless I'm stealing stuff again). I had no idea my IPhone would distort my face so much as I ran so I was pretty happy with that effect*.

I'm working on a series of musical internet shorts: A bigger budget video for the album which will have some custom-made alien puppets & two non-album tracks which I'm keeping hush-hush at the moment. But look out LA, because I'm coming to town in 3 weeks to take your blonde women for some hot rap action.

Over the weekend, I set up An almost one-stop shop for all your VG musical needs. My Ghost Peeps & Toasters 'N' Moose stuff have their own respective pages but this has everything else I've publicly done. "Why Does Life Entail" is currently a free download and you can even pre-order the Roger album now. I hope I don't really look like this:

* I'm up all night to get lucky.