Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Coming Attractions

Art is Worthless Shit. This is the tagline to my next film. Whether I keep it or not, it is the mission statement that will keep me on course during the production. I have one more 20 min. short film in me before tackling a feature, stage musical, web series or d) all of the above. That short is a non-animated parody of Walt Disney's Fantasia. It will feature original "classical" pieces by myself that I have given away to faux-composers. A host will introduce 4 short segments with a bathroom break in the middle. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart will also be on hand to perform his first new song in 222 years, "Take Your Head And Shove It To The Ground." Amongst the four segments:
  • Balloon Man: A noir inspired battle between co-workers, one of whom is a balloon.
  • I Found Myself Stuck In An Experimental Film: A woman tries to go about her everyday life as she travels through parodies of films 90% of the population have never heard of.
  • A Man's Life As Told Through Stuff: A survey of things we use from birth to death.
  • Hooker Historian: An unrequited love story about a frustrated history teacher and the prostitute he loves after finding out she knows something about the Third Crusade.
Some of the film has already been shot. The "Experimental Film" segment was shot back in Duluth two weeks ago. The "bathroom break" was filmed last Saturday where I got the pleasure of laying under a sheet of plastic while an actor playing an orchestra musician threw up beef stew on me. I simply said "Thank you" afterwards. The other segments are written and will be put into production over the course of 3-5 months. The finished film should be out this December. Individual segments will make their way to the internet eventually too. It should be a grand culmination of everything I've done to this point; a glossy presentation combining the absurd with the poignant. And something that takes the crap out of "high art." Even if I don't quite reach the heights of Fantasia proper, I feel confident I can achieve the quiet charm of "Make Mine Music."

Inspired by my big hit, "David's Pizza Commercial", I'll be making some more musical commercials. If you're a business that wants an attention grabbing catchy memorable ad, please contact me!

BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE!! Since December, I've been recording a 16 song concept album which should make it's way to your ears the end of next month. Get ready for "Journey to Mars from the Styx of Kansas in an REO Speedwagon Starship", also called "Roger". I'm also writing a feature length script about Robin Hood and mulling over ideas for something about a superhero with a bad back. Of course, you can find all my previous work over at www.vincentgargiulo.com
I predict big things in 2013. It has been an exciting time so far. Please won't you be my neighbor?