Thursday, August 1, 2013

Those Were The People I Knew

Today we filmed a video entitled "These Are The People That I Know" where I play a man who goes around singing about all the people he knows in his life. The song is only about a minute long and it's soon revealed he doesn't really know anybody. And the people he does know can't stand him. Somehow I've ended up looking a bit like 1980s "Weird Al" Yankovic. Though a great inspiration, it was not intentional.

Ironically, out of the 22 people "I know" only 7 I had actually knew before today. Everyone else was a unknown extra from SFCasting or a friend of a friend. I even had a kid cancel a few hours before shooting. Phone calls were made. A child was obtained.  

Everything was shot (sans some photos with my "ex-wife" this weekend). I'm mulling over the footage now. It looks ok. Alot of the shots were outside and today was one of those rare sunny San Francisco days, so shadows are prominent. Playing with color correction helps. "Duluth Is Horrible" looked really good. Perhaps too good. It actually had a budget though. I realized today that I'm no longer satisfied with so-so production values. I guess what I'm trying to say is expect alot more Kickstarter campaigns. I'm bitching over a few shots but overall things look solid. I'm sure it will be a pleasant minute's entertainment and the song is perhaps the catchiest thing I ever written. We're talking pizza level here.

Today I was Lead Actor, Producer, Director, Production Assistant, Craft Services, Camera Assistant, and Driver. Tomorrow I'll be asleep.

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